Brash Recovery

We specialise in the Brash Recovery from forests as part of our forestry services.

What is forestry Brash?

brash recovery

What is forestry Brash?

Brash is the leftovers from trees after the felling of a forest. It includes the organic matter such leaves and branches that line the forest floor.

Until recently, brash had little value and was generally just left behind on the forest floor or it was piled together and burned on site. There was no market for it in the past so it was disposed of. 

Uses of Forestry Brash

brash for pellets

Uses of forestry brash

Forestry brash is primarily used in the biomass market. The brash bales produced are sold and transported to companies that require biomass. It is generally chipped before being used in: 

  • Heating systems
  • Electricity production.

Benefits of Brash REcovery

benefits of Brash Recovery

Benefits of Brash Recovery

  • Makes replanting the next generation forest easier. 
  • Increases the return from your plantation.  
  • It is a renewable fuel
  • Produces less CO2 when compared to fossil fuels.

Bash Recovery Advice

forestry brash

Brash Recovery Advice

It is best to begin your recovery of brash once all logs have been removed from the clear-felled site. Brash recovery can also take place after forestry thinning’s but the return can be poor due to accessing the brash between trees and the cost of running machinery.